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Area Sales Manager / Director / Representative

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  • Release Date2016-12-01
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Operating duty:

1, the company responsible for the sales of asphalt products, mainly for the road, bridge, waterproof material enterprises and other related industries;

2, the completion of the company's performance, and be able to independently deal with and solve the task;

3, responsible for the development of customer resources, mining potential market information, looking for potential customers;

4, responsible for tracking the management of customers, provide business consulting services, establish and maintain a good customer relationship;

5, from the point of view of sales and customer demand, to provide reasonable recommendations;

6, the completion of other tasks assigned by superiors;

Post qualification:

1, 25-55 years old, male / female is not limited, there is a wealth of industry resources is preferred, special * * * can;

2, have engaged in highway, bridge, water and other related work experience or related resources;

3, have good social relations or social resources, and these relations or resources can be applied to the work;

4, have a certain sales work experience, have the industry project operation experience;

5, with strong business negotiation skills and communication skills, able to independently develop and cultivate customer's business needs;

6, from the perspective of sales and customer demand, the company's sales strategy to provide relevant recommendations;

7, result oriented, can work under pressure, can adapt to travel;

Work pay:

1, special * * * all can, if not in the company to work, can get a generous commission; if the company to work, performance is good,

Can be more than a million annual salary;

2, the company provides a good training and travel opportunities, package room and board, buy social security;

3, transportation subsidies, subsidies, customer reception and communication reimbursement of travel costs and year-end bonuses;

4, if the business ability is very strong, can become a partner, enjoy the company dividends.