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Network sales manager

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Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for planning the company's annual network work objectives and marketing programs;

2, responsible for the development of market operations, the promotion of related publicity, including management and progress of the promotion, the establishment of the company's market operation system;

3, analysis and forecast sales market, grasp the market trends, to provide accurate information for decision-making, to develop and develop the sales market;

4, planning and management of marketing activities, the budget, reasonable and effective, to maximize the use of budget execution advertising and marketing activities.

Post qualification:

1, marketing management or relevant professional bachelor degree or above;

2, five years of marketing work experience, in the relevant business network sales for more than three years, with a waterproof industry or building materials industry background, a deep understanding of the development of the field;

3, have a strong planning ability, familiar with the operation of various types of media, there is a large-scale marketing activities to promote successful experience;

4, with sensitive business and market awareness, analysis and problem solving skills, with excellent resource integration capabilities and business promotion capabilities;

5, have good communication and cooperation skills and rich experience in team building.