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Technical research and development director

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Job responsibilities:

1, organize the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and technical programs, the development of technology development strategy, planning and development direction;

2, put forward the new project development plan, and submit the project proposal;

3, the organization and leadership development team, the development of the project implementation plan, monitor the progress and quality of the project, to ensure the completion of the project schedule;

4, the technical difficulties of the research and research;

5, answer customer technical issues, provide technical support;

6, the work of the team to develop and supervise the implementation of the objectives.

Post qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in petrochemical industry;

5, more than 2 years of work experience in the development of waterproof materials, more than 3 years of project implementation and management experience;

3, a good system analysis and design capabilities, can solve the overall planning program, the development of technical specifications;

4, clear thinking, strong language skills, good English skills;

5, has a good psychological quality and teamwork.