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The Double Ninth Festival.

September 9th of the lunar calendar, is a traditional Chinese festival, Double Ninth Festival, also known as the "festival for the elderly". Because of the "book of changes" in the "six" as a negative number, "Nine" as a positive number, in September 9th, the sun and the moon, the 29 phase, therefore called Chongyang, also called nine. The ancients thought it was a lucky day to celebrate, and from a very early date.



In 1989, by September 9th the Chinese festival for the elderly, promote the whole society to establish respect for the elderly, and ZhuLao, atmosphere. Joyoung waterproof adhering to the "harmonious upward transfer, transfer love and happy Thanksgiving beauty" of the concept of corporate culture, to carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue of respecting and caring for the elderly, continued this social responsibility in the end.



Once a season in late autumn, Chongyang, the morning of October 8th, Xiangyang Joyoung waterproof material Co. Ltd, a pedestrian in the office organization led by Shaw set once again came to the nursing home, to the local people were sent to the most intimate care and cordial greetings, and a rare joy meaningful collective birthday for them.



On the same day as the old people take a full set of daily necessities, a full set of clothes, cotton and fruit, cakes, milk and other food, give us the distribution, and they sing songs and dance show Happy birthday, to accompany them to talk...... Looking at the old man's face filled with joy smile, happy eyes, let a person can not help but sigh: their happiness is so simple, our little for them is all need.



On weekdays quiet cold day in the yard are unusually busy, we are immersed in a song and laughter, enjoyable. Small friendship, warmth, to them our warmest greetings, wishing them health and longevity, happy and healthy!



Love in every little bit, we are in practice. This calls for the society there are so many elderly we need to pay attention to, transfer positive energy, Joyoung from the start, begin from me, care for the elderly, Thanksgiving society!