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In November 19, 2016, Joyoung opened a new waterproof spirit marketing training tour in one of the six big city China Wuhan marketing center. The country offices and business elite gathered in a shared learning feast, to "transcend and forge the future", "open a new journey to create value" as the theme of the marketing team in Wuhan training will be nervous full effective time spent and ended.


Joyoung waterproof, waterproof !

Environment style Joyoung waterproof marketing center in Wuhan office, clear and bright times show the atmosphere so inspiring, as Joyoung corporate culture, the pursuit of it: "the real products, real price, zero distance service!" , seems to give people a comfortable, safe, practical and reliable feeling.


Training to share the meeting, Joyoung marketing various regional department manager, preaching an important PPT, about innovation, about marketing, on water, on the growth of......

East China marketing center responsible for the reform of the concept of innovation and innovation in the concept of Joyoung's future direction of development. Open a new marketing profit model, to upgrade products, Joyoung core manufacturing quality, innovation, perfect craftsmanship sincere service essence as the starting point, to create a new authorized service center experience store, and provide all the follow-up technical and service support, invites people from all walks of life waterproof patriots, the co-development of Joyoung new horizons, and beyond, casting the future!

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Wuhan operations center Lee led us into the marketing Trilogy: background analysis, marketing the brain, marketing combat. Combined with the current dialysis at present waterproof industry status quo and development trend, explore the future engineering and marketing to share measures, and a detailed explanation, analysis of waterproof engineering problems encountered, how to seek a breakthrough, and combined with the practical experience and case analysis to further deepen the marketing skills, what is marketing? Marketing process should pay attention to matters. The necessary conditions to teach marketing personnel should possess the business mentality and build a marketing team, emphasizing the importance of survival within 8 hours, 8 hours for the development of the learning and growth, full range, the angle of cognitive moment, know thyself, know yourself. To become a qualified occupation marketing staff, as a soul of the Joyoung people.

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Interactive communication link: Joyoung business marketing team elite speak freely, the limitation of the link. In view of the problems encountered in peacetime work, and their respective experiences summary, mutual collision, mutual absorption, Co release. The headquarters of the leadership of Joyoung unriddling, for help, do the city Joyoung waterproof Guardian "gold backing".

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Liu Qinan, general manager of the meeting strongly pointed out: the individual does not move forward is to retreat, the enterprise does not innovate there is no good future! Every time the study is for the future of the road to go more easily and more broad. Learning is always someone else, only myself to practice pro to combat experience, created the result is their own. Only change can be long, only innovation can develop, each person, each office should be good at drawing new essence, have the courage and ability to be willing to try new things. Learning to live and create a new marketing team is strong, Joyoung with you together, forge ahead, innovation, harmonious development.

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Mr. Liu Qijun Joyoung waterproof chairman will be concluding remarks of the training in the new era: new challenges and new opportunities of the times, the new concept leads us to constantly change forward, they have to think about their own ability to have much energy, how deep can do is, how effective management of current and better try to learn the experience of the new road. "Social commitment, inspirational motto is not God helps those who help themselves" speak verbally. To sum up their own shortcomings according to learn, after absorbing the classic practical skills, with diligence to combat that did not forget the early heart attitude and basic instinct, steadily in the present health, to the small firm target in mind, the real learning practice, into the ground, find his own results and realize their value.

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Joyoung waterproof everywhere

Great oaks from little acorns grow., only for the small target in mind! Go ahead, Joyoung people on the road......

Our existence, only for your company......

Speed is the speed of Joyoung to create value for customers......

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