[news]: Joyoung waterproof 2016 customer daxiehui perfect ending, thank you for your attention and trust from all walks of life friend!

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The golden autumn Joyoung cohesion, recently, Xiangyang Joyoung waterproof have launched a series of customer symposium, aims to enhance communication and interaction with customers and friends, thank you for support all trust Joyoung "dream companion", and lead us into the new Joyoung "world power", the rapid development of these years of experience sharing and the progress of fruit.


In today's current development change rapidly, Joyoung behavior affects every customer friends and fans in the heart of the user, firmly take the road of quality, the same price than quality, the same quality than price; the firm go the way of the characteristic service, sincerely for customers to solve problems, to "create value for customers and employees create opportunities to contribute to the society" the core values of the enterprise oriented, establish a new marketing concept. General manager Liu Qinan stressed: "to the new thinking, hold together for warmth, we work together, we can promote the development of new. Harmony and win-win."

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"Joyoung waterproof, waterproof!" It is the essence of culture and business norms Joyoung advocates. And service, for customers to solve the underlying substantive problem is our bounden duty and obligation, cohesion Joyoung forward, Joyoung door is always open to the future where there is a will, together to break land expansion, a new chapter in the development history of another!

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Joyoung waterproof, so that the building more worry!